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Our trips to Europe are action packed and offer experiences you couldn’t get if you went on your own.

We spend hundreds of hours working out details, fine tuning and researching to give you a holiday that you’ll never forget.










“The most “NON TOUR tour” that you could sign up for!”

“Billy and Kato are a dream team when it comes to organizing a tour.  The attention to detail, the consideration extended to each guest and most of all the emphasis on fun can’t be matched.  They delivered exactly what they promised, an enlightened tour, organized but at a pace that made it feel like a holiday rather than a marathon. The wine knowledge was delivered in classic Billy style, down to earth and in a way that anyone could relate to. Not knowing the daily agenda until the night before was fun and  there were no disappointments. No corners were cut, the accommodation and food first class, the wine never ran out and nothing was too much trouble for them to accommodate.  It was worth a trip from Australia to be a part of it Piedmont 2017, and we will be back!”

“The well planned itinerary included many surprises, and was the perfect balance between organized activities and free time. We loved every minute.”

Billy and Kato have the uncanny ability to fine incredible places and create events that ordinary tourists could never experience on their own.”

“From the moment we arrive, we were treated to first class food, accommodation and hospitality – every day was a new adventure. This was by far the best organized trip that we’ve been on: well paced and the perfect group size.”

“Your planning and attention to detail was impeccable, the venues beautiful and beyond expectation. And the food and wine – wow! What a team!”



The brave and reckless, of course! Those with a love of adventure and social interaction are obvious candidates. On the physical side, good walking ability and drinking stamina are essential skills. The focus is on activity and participation – ‘adult camp’ as Kato calls it – and FUN. Of course there is some free time, but very little of the usual tourist sight seeing. We try our best to become part of the culture, pretend we are locals. If you were ever hesitant about taking a ‘tour’ – rest assured that this is the most “NON-TOUR” you could sign up for!

We are delighted to have Ellison Travel & Tours ( as our travel partner, with Kelly Richards ( as our assigned agent. This family run business (since 1980, now with 70 employees in Canada) will deliver outstanding service and support. TICO#2392471

Unlike most, Billy’s Best Bottles tours does not publish daily itineraries. Once you’re on the tour, the schedule for the next day will be announced the evening prior. Why? Well of course we want to protect our research, connections and hard work designing the tours. But more importantly, we like to remain flexible and work around weather and local events. Those who have travelled with us have said that they enjoyed the surprise element as it kept them ‘in the moment’. We ask that you greet us with enthusiasm, a trusting open mind, good health, and an empty wine glass (not for long!). You’ll also notice that we don’t cheap out with accommodations – we try to pick the coolest – nor do we offer many padded itineraries with ‘evenings free’. That said, there is a nice balance of activity and chill out time. Time at the dinner table is most precious, and includes lots of wine, not just ‘a glass.

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Photos-Tours“Everything was beautifully organized from beginning to end, evidence of much thought, research and preparation. The days were well structured and each one different but always filled with fun and good times. The venues were beautiful and the meals superb. The wine tastings were many and varied but all a learning experience! Billy’s expertise was much appreciated and recognized not only by those of us in the group but also by the various wine producers we met.”
Hally Simmons, Ottawa

“I truly believe the Ireland tour was one of the best times of my life.”
Chris Rogers, Prince Edward County

“To be on a tour with the talented excursionists Billy and Kato, is to experience both the depth and lightheartedness of other cultures. The Munnelley’s are well loved, so doors open for them and their travelling companions!”
Heather Peacock, Toronto

“We had a terrific time with Billy and Kato in Lisbon and Ireland.  Wow — two for two!  As before, the touring is well-paced, with daily spontaneity adding to the adventure.  Each day was jolly good fun, with great food with plentiful drink, and we were able to recharge overnight in comfortable accommodations. Staying for several days in one place avoids packing and unpacking and time lost in transit. We’re looking forward to our next excellent adventure with Billy and Kato.”
P. Mosher, Oakville

“Our trip to Ireland (2014) was fabulous.  Scenery, accommodations, company, food, drink and transport all first class. Kato and Billy sure know how to be unobtrusive and charming hosts, catering to the group’s needs and desires.  We are already recommending the trip to friends.”
Liz and Doug

“Wonderful vacation that was completely laid out for us, Kato with her gourmet food, Billy with the wine and of course Ireland‘s magnificent scenery. One of the best vacations I’ve ever experienced.”
Marilyn H., Prince Edward County
“Thank you, both Billy and Kato, for our wonderful experience in Ireland.  It wasn’t a tour, but a trip “home” to meet the locals of West Cork. My wife, Diane and I have travelled on a number of tours with highly respected tour companies, but those trips do not compare to the experience of our trip with you to Ireland 2014.  It will always be fondly remembered as one of my favourites. We’ll be seeing you both again if you keep doing the trips to foreign lands for good food, great company and wonderful wines.”
A. Madden, Brampton