The Rustic Italian Red Experience

As the LCBO is having an Italy feature, thought I might use the opportunity to give my three-sentence lecture on understanding Italy reds. It’s all you need. And my Primitivo recommendation may be all you need in red wine. Get on it.
1.      Italy’s great contribution to wine is its everyday reds which are rustic in nature. They’re very dry, a little bitter and non-smooth.
2.      Rustic reds stimulate the appetite, keep the taste buds refreshed and flatter food. Especially the Italian menu of grilled meats, oven roasts and tomato sauced pastas. But they are not necessarily fun to drink at parties.
3.      As ever, selection is key as many Italian producers have altered their wines to suit the current fashion for rich and smooth. Stick with the traditional/rustic and you will live a full wine & food life without ever spending too much. Just as Italians do. Recommendations coming in next posts.

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