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The Deakin Needs YOU!

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One of the LCBO’s best ‘everyday’ reds is in danger of disappearing off the shelf. Apparently we’re not buying enough. Many low-priced Shiraz taste ‘doctored and perfumed’ but the Deakin delivers delicious natural fruitiness, and freshness. So enjoyable, so gulpable. There’s no better party red for the price, so buy some. Would be sad to see it go.

DEAKIN ESTATE 15 Shiraz, Victoria, Australia 560821 $9.95

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4 Comments to The Deakin Needs YOU!

  1. Gianmarco Segato

    This would be a shame. Buy it all the time and have done for many a year because of your recommendation. Don’t like Aussie Shiraz in general but this one is great.

  2. Eddie

    I drink Deakin Shiraz as my house red, and, have for quite awhile. I don’t understand why all of Ontario doesn’t know about this big bang for the buck slurper!!!!

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