Georges Duboeuf brightened our lives with bright red wine and even brighter labels. He made Beaujolais the go-to wine when the mood was lively and fun. And he elevated Beaujolais Nouveau night into one of the world’s best parties. Ask anyone who attended my backyard bashes. Starry nights for sure.

Georges passed away January 4, and by pure coincidence, his Village-Beaujolais is currently on sale. So why not grab a few bottles, some brie, a baguette – and toast the man who brought us so many fun times. Lightly chill the wine, pretend you’re having a picnic . . . and slay anyone who says the wine is “a bit light”.

GEORGES DUBOEUF 17 Beaujolais-Villages 122077 $14.95  ($12.95 untill Feb 2)


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  • Billy, he was definitely the king of Beaujolais. Too bad there is so little choice at the LCBO. Quebec has more Morgons available than all the Cru Beaujolais in the Ontario system. Really hard to find Chinons and other Loire reds. But there’s a million Amarones.

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