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Rich Chardonnay @ Workingman’s Price

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SantaRitaChile is the current champion of rich Chardonnay at everyday prices. They make it look effortless. And maybe it is – with their perfect climate, high tech wineries and top notch winemakers.

While Chile is happy that we’re buying their wine, they’re less happy about giving it away for low prices. But such is the nature of the worldwide wine surplus. Enjoy the bargains while they last.

Santa Rita Chardonnay is certainly a big babe. Hollywood-style show of richness and glam – nicely balanced with an earthy tang. Wonderful stuff that’s been in almost every edition of my book. An excellent partner for grilled/roasted white meats. Must admit I end up drinking most of the bottle before food. An LCBO best buy.

348359 $13.75

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