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Really Nice $11 White

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PavillionChenin is the daily drink of many South Africans and here’s one blended with Viognier – the Miss Pretty of white grapes. So expect tasty/sweet kises, along with a good dose of refreshment. An off-dry wine for sipping your cares away. Also sure to get rave comments at your next event. ‘Nice’ always scores.

BOSCHENDAL ‘The Pavillion’ 13 Chenin Blanc/Viognier, South Africa 281311 $10.95

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2 Comments to Really Nice $11 White

  1. Roddy Carruthers

    This is a fantastic wine. I could easily have consumed the entire bottle myself after the Duchess went to bed. Actually, that’s exactly what I did: just me, the starry sky, and Billie (Holiday, that is).

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