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feudoArancioPinot Noir is the elusive one in the red wine world. Hard to track down, and even harder to pin down. Because heft and richness are not part of the Pinot experience it’s not as easy to measure as with blockbuster reds. You have to feel it more than think it. It’s the abstract art of the wine world. Not everyone gets it. 

Everyday priced Pinots are hard to find and there will be one less when the current inventory of this Sicilian runs out as it’s being delisted.

Arancio is a shade New world in richness but with a hit of Italian realness. Not a bad combination. Especially on a fall evening.

GRAB THIS!! It’s a great red for the price.

wine-style: semi-rich red
Feudo Arancio 08 Pinot Noir, Sicily
113902 $12.95

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