Nouveau 2009 – Available Tomorrow!

nouveauNouveau 2009 – Available Thursday November 19th

Join the world’s biggest wine party with a few bottles of Nouveau. On the day, or gather a few friends for Friday. These young, tart, light red wines are perfect in the after work time slot. Lightly chill and partner with soft runny Brie and a few crusty baguettes. Or anything from the deli counter. Keep in mind that Nouveau is created for after harvest celebrations –  so let there be none of that ‘wine tasting’ carry on. The following offer a nice variety of styles. I suggest you have them in the order I’ve outlined.

FYI: Nouveau is a terrific partner for the Christmas bird.

Negrar 09 Novello Del Veneto, Italy
899955 $9.95
. . lively with bright, fruity flavours and a slight sweetness. Refreshing and fun to gulp.

Mommessin 09 Beaujolais, France
897934 $13.95
. . brisk, tart and invigorating. Very Beaujolaisish. Pass the Brie.

Mezzacorona 09 Novello, Italy
669275 $9.95
. . rustic, gutsy and almost serious. Salami please.

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  • The overwhelming favorite at my party was Georges Gamay Nouveau. Light, fruit-forward, gulpable, a bit of fizz – everything Nouveau is supposed to be.

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