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New Star for Thanksgiving

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ConoSurPGPinot Grigio is usually crowd-pleasing and a bit plain. The wine equivalent of easy listening music. However, some producers push the envelope and substitute personality for plain. Cono Sur delivers a PG with delicious fruitiness and charm. The potential to not just like, but love. And the potential to be a big hit at your next party, or family gathering. Such as this weekend.

I’ve been touting Cono Sur wines for more than a decade and this Pinot Grigio is another World Champion in the ‘value-plus-pleasure’ wine league. You could enjoy a very happy wine life with a rack of Cono Sur $10 wines.

CONO SUR 13 Pinot Grigio ‘Bicicleta’ Chile 366344 $9.90

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  1. Roddy Carruthers

    Are you recommending this gem for Thanksgiving 2015, Billy? Any other recommendations to quaff with the big bird? The Duchess’ extended family will be joining us–all twelve of them, including one on parole who presumably hasn’t had a drop of wine in ten years!

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