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LCBO’s Trent Report

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TorresGranCorn2The LCBO Trend Report Tells All

The recent LCBO report says that ‘People are buying Pinot Noir and Ripasso’. Roughly translated the message is ‘we’d like more people to buy these, and other wines in the $16–$20 range, and not the cheap South American stuff. Please be trendy and support our profits.’

Best item in the beautiful catalogue (very Crate and Barrel) is TORRES Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Coronas Reserva – reduced by $3.00 and selling for $15.95 (#36483). Hefty Cabernet with a sensual side.

In case you’re not clued into the workings of LCBO promotions I suggest you read the fine print on the inside back cover ‘this advertising is paid for by participating suppliers’. It’s no different than all the other fliers.

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  1. Sandy Crichton

    The LCBO puts Gran Coronas on sale and then promptly runs out of the stuff. Betcha they will restock just a day or so after the sale ends!

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