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LCBO Vintages: Beware!

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Vintages is currently offering a selection of wines that have received high ‘scores’ from critics, who do that kind of thing. The American, Robert Parker, is king in the ‘score’ world and here’s an opportunity to experience a Spanish red which he has awarded the equivalent of 5stars. My take is yes, it’s smooth, yes, it’s rich, and yes, it could be likened to the cozy ride in the back seat of a Cadillac. But after a few sips, the appeal wore off, and I got bored. I did not want a second glass.
I urge you to try this wine for the experience. Should you love the wine, you’ll know to look at ‘high scores’ for more of the same.

CASTANO SOLENERA 12, ‘Vinas Viejas’, Yecla, Spain 276162 Vintages $17.00

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