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Great Year for Nouveau

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NouveauLoved just about all the nouveau wines this year. In particular Dubouef’s cheapo Gamay. Perfect mix of refreshing tartness and tasty fruitiness. I recommend a little stash for Holiday parties. And turkey sandwiches.

DUBOEUF 15 Gamay ‘Nouveau’, VDP de L’Ardeche, France 891846 $10.95


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4 Comments to Great Year for Nouveau

  1. David Lindsay

    I noticed that the Beaujolais Nouveau wines this year seemed to give more value for money. The Duboeuf-Villages was dark and even slightly “heavy”. Mommesin, as usual, a little thin.

    • Billy

      Hi David, good to hear you’re still enjoying Nouveau.

      Next up, all your favourite bubbles!

  2. Roddy Carruthers

    I picked up two of these beauties last night, fully intending to follow Billy’s advice and stash them for the holidays. Unfortunately I neglected to advise the Duchess, who promptly opened one. Well, one thing led to another and before the night was through both bottles had been opened and consumed with much gusto, so it’s back to the LCBO this morning to pick up two more.

    On second thought, I should probably get four and have two stashes–just in case. Thanks for another great recommendation, Billy!

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