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Delicious House White!

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MoulinChardSome years ago a guy called Guibert bought a vineyard in Languedoc that reportedly had similar soil conditions to the top estates on Bordeaux. In no time the wines of his estate, called Daumas Gassac, were fetching huge prices and appearing on wine lists in top restaurants. The story left me cold due to the sky-high price, however I have become a fan of the everyday white wines produced at Gassac – discovered at a wine merchant in my native Tipperary. They have become one of our house whites on Irish trips. And now the Chardonnay is at LCBOs.

What I like about Moulin Gassac Chardonnay is the delicious pure expression – lemony fresh with just enough richness to tease and delight. And have you uttering the yummy word. Lovely house wine – with food, with friends, or sipping by yourself.

MOULIN DE GASSAC 11 Chardonnay, VDP d’Herault, France 330936 $13.35

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  1. Bill Gordon

    This is , bar none, the best source of wine appreciation and recommendations that I use and have used for 25 years. Billy tells it like it is, not how its supposed to sound. Thank you for your fabulous insight for all these informative years. Bill Gordon, former manager of Vineyards Wine Bar Bistro, Ottawa Ontario.1979-2013

  2. David Lindsay

    This just in . . . Macon Cruzille, 2010, Chardonnay, is tasting of Chard character very well. $16.95 at Vintages. (Standing in for Chablis at 20 – 25 dollars.

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