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Delicious House White for $7.80

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CavallinaHow can cheap wine taste this good? Don’t ask. Sometimes we get lucky – so just drink and enjoy. God is Italian!

Grillo is a native Sicilian grape with a delicious fruitiness so it adds some fun to the refreshment of Pinot Grigio. You might not think it, but Sicily is the ‘cutting edge’ on the Italian white wine scene. Ranging from excellent everyday sippers such as this, to all kinds of elegant wines – usually crafted without oak barrel flavours.

PELLEGRINO 12 Grillo/Pinot Grigio ‘Cavallina’, Sicily 123166 $7.80

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3 Comments to Delicious House White for $7.80

  1. Roddy Carruthers

    Sipping a glass of this one right now and, like Billy says, it’s a nice balance of fruity and refreshing. I like a wine that’s as fun to drink with food as it is to sip on its own, and this Cavallina fits the bill.

  2. roddy carruthers

    More than 8 months and a half-dozen bottles later, I have to ask: is there a better wine under $8 at the LCBO? The only thing more criminal than the price is the fact that it doesn’t come in a larger bottle–or an IV drip!

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