Wine Picks

Please try and have these wines in the recommended context. Wine pleasure is about a match of wine and mood.

The Original Zin


The sweetish pink wine called White Zinfandel will soon be doing the rounds at summer parties, so let’s gets the facts straight about Zinfandel….

A Couple of Local Treats


Maleta Old Vines Brut Sparkling $27.95 (winery only) Classic sparkling wine with the steely backbone of Dry Riesling. Very Champagne-ish. A great ambassador…

Finger Lakes


SOUTH of the BORDER Our other, almost local, wine region is New York State. I used to visit the Finger Lakes a lot in…

Everyday Merlot


Merlot can be too nice for its own good but it aint always so. Some wineries craft for character. I’m liking some local editions…