Wine Picks

Please try and have these wines in the recommended context. Wine pleasure is about a match of wine and mood.

Go Beyond Nice (please!)


While easy drinking wines provide comfort, it’s the challenging ones that keep us stimulated. Tension is an important emotion in wine, as it is…

The Cellar is Dead


Cellaring is an old practice from the days when wine was undrinkable early in life due to crude manufacturing and lack of vineyard management….

Tetra Paks


ALL BOXED UP The LCBO is determined to give us a ton of wine in boxes, whether we want it or not. It fulfills…

France Changes its Rules


France has given winemakers (those in VDP regions – mainly in the South) approval to make New World-style wine. Wood chips (for vanilla flavour)…

Red Wine in a Can


The newest alternative packaging for wine is lightweight aluminum bottles. They look slimmer than glass bottles and they’re screwcap of course. Wineries are touting…

What is Bistro?


BISTRO: ‘A place that is informal, animated and friendly. Where hearty helpings of unfussy good with big flavours are served on heavy white china…