Wine Picks

Please try and have these wines in the recommended context. Wine pleasure is about a match of wine and mood.

The New Italian Reds


Italy is the most diverse wine country in the world. Regions, parishes and individuals express themselves very differently. It’s the Italian way. However, there…

A is for Alsace


A IS FOR ALSACE It’s easy to ignore Alsace wines because there’s so little of them around. And maybe you’ve never heard of the…

Retro Wines


In preparing my 09 Book I was delighted by the number of former hits that have resurfaced. Retro seems to be everywhere. Here are…

Celebrating Spain and Portugal


The Board recently promoted Spanish and Portuguese wines so why don’t we tag along? For the benefit of the non-traveler, I’d like to point out that while these countries share the same peninsula they have little in common. Their cultures and their wines are very different. And while both countries have a history of winemaking neither has been successful at marketing to the outside world.