Australia Does Bistro Red

longflat_cabshirazlongflat_shirazviognierA strike against many everyday-priced Aussie reds is their intensity. A Port-like, sweetish character that’s just ‘too much’ for casual times. Hard to want more than a glass.

At a recent dinner (at a lovely Toronto restaurant called Bb 33 Bistro, in the Delta hotel) I was delighted to find an Aussie red with the drinkability I associate with the more modest wines of Europe. A wine that didn’t try to boss the moment and the food. Kept the mood light and lively. It’s called Long Flat Shiraz/Cabernet. Check it out for week nights. Or party sloshing.

LONG FLAT 08 Shiraz/Cabernet, Australia 212373 $11.95

P.S. For the soft, cuddly, late night experience try LONG FLAT 09 Shiraz/Viognier $14.95

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  • Love Long Flat – it was my house wine for all 2010.
    I also love when the winemaker slips a little Viognier into the Shiraz. Great party trick.

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