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A Great Non-Oaked White

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AlsaceVignesANOTHER NON-OAKED WHITE – and it’s not a Chardonnay.

Alsace Riesling is probable the least understood great white. Their fault, not ours. But I’m not going into all the reasons for its lack of fame – enjoy this bottle. You’re sure to say “I never thought that dry Riesling could have so much character, so much flavour.”  It’s the last great non-oaked white.  (Along with all the ‘great unknowns’ coming out of Italy).

CAVE DE TURCKHEIM 09 Riesling Vielles Vignes, France 315036 Vintages $19.95

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2 Comments to A Great Non-Oaked White

  1. John de Jong

    I’ve never tried an Alsatian Riesling, but I’m a huge fan of the dry Niagara Rieslings. Can you generalize similarities and differences between the two?

  2. billy

    Hi John, fellow Niagara Riesling fan. Generally speaking the Alsace wines are fuller, richer than our locals. More ‘manly’. Have more impact and food hardiness. Enjoy.

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